What’s In Your Milk?

What’s in your milk? It’s possible that your doorstep delivered milk may contain a concoction of chemicals. Adulteration occurs at many stages of production of regular milk, so is it worth taking a risk with these toxins? The situation is such that it is very hard to trust the sources of traditional, milk delivery agents across the city. Dayspring delivers farm fresh milk using modern production methods. This ensures that the milk in our packaging is untouched and pure, as nature intended it to be. Here our expert, Dr. Nikita Vyas says just what goes into producing the very purest milk at DaySpring.

Q. Why is it important to care for the cows?

Dr. Nikita – The health of the cow is the most important factor in the production of pure milk because a healthy, clean cow will produce healthy milk. This is why our cows are allowed space to roam on our farms and are fed with the best fodder that’s conducive to producing the highest quality milk. Our cows are grass fed with fodder that’s grown on our organic, chemical-free farms. This isn’t the case with most dairy farms. Most dairy farms pump their cows with hormones and antibiotics to speed up the milk production process, all this has an adverse effect on human health as well.

Q. What is an automated milking process and how is it different from traditional milking?

Dr. Nikita – Dairy farmers are often nonchalant about hygiene and often milk the cows directly into vessels which may be bacteria ridden as well. This means that the contaminants of the human touch and vessels used, mix with the milk in a bacteria-friendly environment. We use international-quality machines to milk our cows which negates the need for human interference, making the entire process a lot more hygienic.

Q. Why does packaging and processes matter?

Dr. Nikita – Bacteria in milk builds up due to improper handling, storage, and the hygiene and health of the cows as well. Many dairy farms are in dismal shape, with animal waste lying all around. Milk is stored in the same vicinity, exposed to all these harmful elements. Dayspring milk is produced and stored using very high standards of hygiene and superior production processes. Our packaging cannot be tampered with which makes the storage completely safe. Our milk is pasteurized and homogenized which are processes that remove bacteria. Since our milk is free from preservatives, adulterants and human touch, there is no scope for bacterial infections of any sort.

Q. What are the benefits of cold chain maintained from farm to home?

Dr. Nitika – Our milk is transported refrigerated. This ensures that the freshness and purity of the milk are maintained. Your milk is delivered to your door in the best possible condition and is absolutely fresh. This isn’t the case with traditional doorstep delivered milk though. For instance, sometimes due to weather conditions, the milk gets affected. It loses its quality and freshness on the journey from the farm to your doorstep.

Start your day on a pure note with organic, untouched, super-healthy milk from Dayspring. And it’s a guarantee that everything about our milk, from our processes to our cows and farms are all a hundred percent pure.

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