Welcome To Dayspring Farms!

When you do something you love, it shows in what you produce. Same goes with our milk. We follow the world class organic practices, we treat our cows well, feed them well and ensure that they are happy. Because only when the cows are happy, the milk they give is pure and full of nutrients.

Our Farm

Situated in the heart of picturesque Malwa and little over an hour from Indore,  our farm offers a sanctuary to our Cows. We haven’t used any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals for last three years and enriched its soil with organic manure, buttermilk and natural enrichments. With modern creature comforts for cows and automated milking and processing, our farm is a perfect balance of natural and modern elements.

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Our ``Guys``

Cows ! We bring only the best breed cows from trusted sources all across India. They are kept in hygienic and comfortable environment well maintained by our dedicated team. Free to roam around, they enjoy amenities like massage and showers. We feed them greens grown on our pesticides and chemical free farm and keep them away from hormones and harmful injections. After all happy cows make the most nutritious milk. 

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Our Milk

What do we do to bring you the purest and most natural milk ? Nothing !! That’s right, we let the nature do what’s required to produce the best quality Milk. Natural soil, natural fodder, natural cow care and automated milking to packaging. We don’t intervene anywhere in the entire cycle. Daily delivery in temperature controlled containers, we ensure that the milk  delivered to you every morning is Fresh, Healthy and Pure !

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